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February 6, 2020

Top 6 tips for playing roulette efficiently

Roulette is the most loved game among all of the other gambling games. It is nothing but a small wheel which has segmentations up to number 36, which are coloured in Red and Black. There are a couple of dices which decide the game as all in. The player must decide on the number. The wheel is turned, and a ball is passed on which tends to go and sit into spaces or ridges which are either red or black. There is a single slot consisting of the number zero, which is highlighted in white. There are some tricks and tips to learn before jumping into the game.


Use a known and efficient approach before playing roulette. These strategies involve the most excellent strategy like The Martingale strategy, which depicts to double the bet amount after losing every set and win big on the last bet if there is a possibility. Betting a smaller amount helps out.


Dos and Don’ts

Never place a wager with more than three or five digits as the certainty of the same number might not come and is very hard to predict. This has the highest amount of failure rates among all the other bets like two digits and three digits. Even has the worst odds.

Elaborate the process

The first tip in roulette is to win big and lose small. The best way of doing this is to shorten the chip amount and have whatever it takes to increase the number of chips which enhance the longevity of the game and increases the survival chances for a beginner. It even has some pros to it, like increasing the chances of the player to get a massive sum in return and if he loses, he loses a negligible amount of money.

Profit Accumulation

Rather than going all out and becoming bankrupt as fast as possible, it is more comfortable and good to store some extra cash as leverage, in the end, this can be procured with the help of the profit money which is an extra bonus. Save half of the profit money, as in case of losses, repaying the amount wouldn’t be a burden.

Profit Accumulation

Resistible Losses

Losses must not exceed the total net worth of a person, as roulette is strong enough to bring down a whole roof of a person’s house with, it and the person must lose a fortune. Instead, invest the dead investments lying about in these games and hope to win big.

Play wholeheartedly

The central part of playing roulette is not about the money but the experience it gives the players in the first place. It is fascinating, and a person can learn a lot from it. Enjoying the game with less money is the way to go about when playing roulette.


Playing Roulette
February 2, 2020

What are the rules to play Roulette?

Every game has its own set of rules and regulations which makes it incredible and accessible. Roulette is one such game which has restored its popularity since its origin. It is one of the most played games in the casinos all around the world.  In this article, we are discussing the rules and regulations(Watch This) of the Roulette.

1. Get the roulette chips

One amazing thing you get to see on a roulette table is the colorful chips. Most of the casinos have colorful chips exclusively for the roulette game. It is because. The game comes with varieties of bets, to avoid the collision of the bets the chips are in multi-colours.

roulette chips

2. Careful when you bet

It is one of the untold rules while you play Roulette. Begin carefully is a helpful rule; it helps you think and invest your money on the right numbers. If you are in a hurry, you may miss on the small objects that are kept on the table. These objects indicate the last numbers, which will be then decided and the dealer removes all of it when the betting begins. Most of the times, it is the player who places the bets, but the dealer helps the amateur players.

3. How to bet the bet

If you want to bet on the numbers, you can do it straight away. But if you want to bet on a particular proposition, you can place the bets on the outside of the layout by following the bet rules like red-black, odd-even, high-low, first-second and so on.

4. Stopping a bet

Stopping a bet

Stopping a bet is equally simple to placing a wager. A dealer spins the wheel when the stakes are made. At a particular time, the dealer takes off his hand and says “no more bets”. After this announcement, there will be no bets placed, and it is an official stage to stop betting.

5. Handling the fellow players

Not every player is the same. Each player has his equation to participate in the game. Please do not go by what they look like; a pro roulette player does not show how he feels on a table. Be calm and composed; watch the player’s movements and even their eyeballs to see that they are calculating. Placing the bets is the significant time during a roulette game. Make sure your moves are less aggressive and smarter compared to the fellow players.

6. Be careful when you win

Winning is the most awaited time of every game. Make sure you are attentive enough to see what is happening on the table. The dealer calls out the hitting number. The puck is kept on the winning number and rest is destroyed. That means the standing number is a hit and rest bets are collapsed.

January 29, 2020

Top 3 best Roulette Strategies

Roulette is a game which is just based on luck. There is no proper strategy which can be introduced while playing but can be applied to multiply the money. They do not require any finesse or any other special features. Roulette is a spinning disc which either can make you a fortune or can throw you down very hard. But gambling is always about taking a risk Roulette is also something very familiar to it. Almost every hot gambling spots have a roulette table, and many people who are not well versed in card-based gambling can be seen playing roulette. It is an entertaining and addictive game. Here are some strategies involved in the process:

Martingale Strategy

One of the most common strategies and one of the more dependable and exciting strategies of them all is the martingale strategy. This strategy is concentrating on the winning part rather than the losing part, which is not suitable for the newbies to follow. It involves serious cash. The martingale strategy mainly stresses on the use of betting more money for any loss in a set. The money is exactly doubled in the next set whenever the previous set is lost. This, according to the creator, is the best way to gamble to get the highest payoffs at the end. There are however some ground rules to be kept in check:

Martingale Strategy

  1. Enter the table wherein the entry amount is the least, so as to start at a lower bid to help re compensate if by chance any losses do occur.
  2. Never leverage more than what you have. As this is an exponential increase, the player must be aware as to keep some money on his side, and if he wins then some amount of money has to be kept aside for safety.

Reverse Martingale strategy

This is the exact opposite of the previous strategy and hence named so. It mainly deals with lowering off bet money after each loss to prove to be a success no matter the player wins or loses, hence keeps in check the amount of money flow during the game. This proves out to be beneficial to players with no expertise and first-time roulette newbies.

D Alembert’s Strategy


It involves the concept of increasing or decreasing the bets like the martingale strategies, but not by much. It increases the bet or decreases the bet by almost one time rather than going with doubling the bet with the other two strategies. This is the safest ways to bet money in roulette as it has this motto of neither losing nor winning big. In martingale, the money can be won based on exponentially, but here in this D Alembert’s strategy of plan people or players have secure leverage and can use whenever they wish to play again.

These strategies can be employed for a better experience and beforehand expertise to all the newer players.


Roulette Strategies
January 23, 2020

Top 6 most famous professional roulette players

The world of casino is way too different, exciting and fun-filled in nature. They say that roulette is always a winning horse. It is exceptionally popular and thrilling in nature. The roulette is played enormously since the day of its origin. There are millions of gamblers who are incredible fans of gaming and have taken roulette as a hobby. Here is a list of most famous professionals roulette players.

Chris Boyd

Chris Boyd is the very first individual to make the breakdown of the records of modern-day roulette. He is considered as the high-grade professional roulette player. Chris is a British citizen who is a software engineer by profession. His onetime stake was around $22000. He credits Las Vegas for his interests in casinos and gambling. He once said in one of his interviews that his interest in roulette was unpredictable and grabbed him immense success and popularity.

success and popularity

Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell is a British professional gambler. His roulette tricks and skills made him compete with Chris Boyd. He was such a passionate gambler that once he sold everything he had to afford a single spin in Las Vegas. His stake was $135000. This spin gave him immense popularity and success around the world. After his remarkable win, he decided not to gamble again, and he used that gain for a useful purpose.

Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger is known as the first professional roulette player. He is also the man to claim that no two roulette wheel is the same. He has contributed many theories to roulette gambling. Till date, many roulette fans use his approaches to crack down the bets. His theories also prove that roulette wheels(Must Watch) are the once which determine the wins.

Charles Wells

Charles wells was the man next to Joseph Jagger to break the record of Monte Carlo. The thrilling fact about his win is that he played on the same table and the same wheel that Jagger played for the same win. After this incident, the casino staff realized that there was a mistake in the wheel which comprehended Jagger’s theory of cracking bets. Charles was the first man to realize what the mistake was and gave a new thought to the emerging tricks.

Gonzalo Garcia – Pelayo

Gonzalo Garcia is one of the every smartest man in the list. He took the advantages of the problematic wheels. He was smart to identify the flaws each wheel had and utilized it to create his chances of winning the spin. He induced an exclusive trick to identify the hot spot where the ball would land after the spin.

Norman Leigh

Norman is a French gentleman who won 800000 French Francs in 1966. This win was so immense that the casino was left shocking till its next recovery.

Professional Players