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January 11, 2022

A Beginners Guide to Playing Roulette at a Casino

Do you want to learn how to play roulette? The problem with learning how to play roulette is that there are many different strategies available, which can be confusing. You might think that beginners can’t win at roulette because of the complexity of the game, but that’s not true! Anyone can play and win at roulette if they follow some basic rules.

1. What you need to know about roulette

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world. It’s a game of chance that allows you to win big, but you don’t need to be a high roller to play. It’s played with a wheel, a ball, and numbered slots. Every day you will encounter different cards at a roulette table. If you want to learn how to play, all you need to do is flip a coin.

Why Should You Learn How to Play Roulette?
When you play roulette, you can win big in three ways: A $5 bonus if you win the straight number, a $10 lottery ticket if you win the increment, or your money back if you get the tie. These are the three ways you can win, and they are not all that different when you consider the four types of cards that may show up at a roulette table. But what can you do to win in all four scenarios?

In each of the factors, a certain minimum number must be correct for you to win big. The minimum number is the one with the highest chance of happening, so if the number has less than a 40% chance of happening, you’re in trouble. Let’s say you picked “10” as the minimum number to win – that means you have a 10% chance of getting the other nine numbers displayed a 40. What if the number displayed was “8”? Well, then you only have an 8% chance of winning. This is also the case if there is only 1 number that shows up.

2. The math behind roulette

If you were to place a bet on red in roulette and you won, you would be right 50% of the time. If you were to bet on black and you won, you would also be right 50% of the time. Why does this matter? Because it’s a simple way to think about probability and how it works. In the example above, which would you prefer? In this example, you chose to place a bet on red and you win 50% of the time or black and you win 50% of the time. Now let’s look at what’s happening in the long run.

Entrances and Exits
In each round of a game, there are two possible outcomes:

The game continues in the same way as in the previous round (i.e. spinning the wheel)You are presented with two alternatives. Each round is represented by a single move, which we will refer to as an “entry.” The entry lasts for several seconds, and we’ll call this “the best.”

The most common example in roulette is when you are presented with a 2nd spin, which means you need to input a number. For instance, if I spin the wheel once and choose several 5, you would enter 5 as the second spin. From that point forward, you are presented with two options each time:

The first spin remains as a 5 (assuming you input a correct number in the first spin). The second spin is presented with an option that differs from the first spin. Again, the most common example in roulette is when you are presented with two spin options that differ from each other, for instance:

The first option is a 2 (assuming I input the correct number in the first spin)The second option is a 4. The example above assumes that each spin option is presented with an equal probability, known as a “heads-up.

3. Why bother playing roulette as a beginner?

Roulette is a game of chance so it’s all about luck. You have no control over which number the ball will land on when the wheel stops spinning. However, you can increase your odds of winning by learning how to play roulette. There are a few strategies that you can use to give yourself the best chance of winning. If you know absolutely nothing about the mechanics of choosing where to place the dice when the ball is pulled from the shoe, then holding onto what I call “luck” can help you significantly improve your odds of winning. If all luck is not on your side here are some tips to help increase your chances of winning at roulette.

  1. Know the rules.
    Treat roulette like you would a blackjack game. Know the rules, know the strategies and know when to outsmart the casino. You aren’t playing a slot machine, so don’t get tricked into thinking that you are.
  2. If you don’t know the rules, remember…
    The more people who are present at your event, the more confused everyone else will be. The more people there are in the room, the lower the odds you will see the winning numbers. The higher the odds, the stronger the common belief is that the playing piece is the only thing that matters. Yes, luck happens, but you can increase your chances of winning with a smart strategy.
  3. Be prepared.
    Including a strategy for winning the game will force you to think. Not every strategy will work, but many of them will increase your chances of winning. You can also find more strategies on Youtube to help improve your odds.


Roulette is a gambling game that involves spinning a wheel and betting on the colour, number or range of numbers that will come up. If you bet on a number and it lands on that number, you win. The goal of the game is to predict which numbers will come up most often. The roulette table is the table of your competition. This is the table that you want to be sitting at. You want to be sitting at this table because you want to be the person who is having all the fun. So start playing at an online casino trying to have a good time while at the same time taking risks.

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July 13, 2021

Rating which Roulette System is the Best

Roulette is a fascinating game. While the game itself is primarily a product of luck, there is the pseudo-science of will involved. Let’s say you play craps. It may take two seconds for the dice to be rolled. And what about blackjack? Every time you hit, it may take just a fraction of a second for the dealer to turn that card over. In roulette, however, that little silver ball may go round and round for up to 12 seconds before it slows down, hops a couple of times, and finally settles down. And you can bet that every player betting is using their mental will during those 12 seconds to will the ball into landing on red, or black, or number 7, the most popular number, and so on. But being that this is not a D.C. comic book franchise, and we aren’t Superman who is a can will the ball to land where they wish, are there other systems available to play roulette, and do they work.  

The Don’t Play System

The vast majority of professional gamblers advocate the Don’t Play System, as in, play a game with better odds. After all, the odds of playing blackjack are as low as .5 percent. The odds of playing craps, with the odds, can be as low as .85 percent. Compare this with roulette, which has a house advantage of 2.7 percent for a single zero game and 5.26 percent for a double zero game, and it’s not hard to see why they suggest simply playing a better gambling game. But to roulette lovers, there is not a more fascinating game in the casino, whether online or in a physical casino. So what are your other options?  

The Martingale System

This is perhaps the oldest system in gambling. Allegedly developed by a British Casino owner in the late 1890s named John Martingale, the story goes that to his favored and richest customers, Martingale whispered in their ear that a sure way to win roulette was to double up your bet each time you lose. Logic shows that Martingale was correct. Eventually, you must win. However, Martingale failed to mention that when that winning event occurs, unless you are fabulously rich, that you most likely will lose your entire bankroll. Let’s say you are rich like Warren Buffet and are playing roulette at $10,000 per hand. If you double up then the next bet would be $20,000 a hand, then $40,000, then $80,000, and after that $160,000. In the case of betting on red and black, keep in mind that red came up an astounding 50 times in a row in a Las Vegas Casino back in 1943. So if you were betting just 1 penny a hand (of which no casino has such low limits, by the time you got to 51 your bet would be $12,307,575,068,266, which if your math is slow, over $12 trillion dollars. Secondly, the Martingale system does not take into account table limits. Casinos, of course, know about the Martingale system and do not like to lose big money, set table limits. Typically, online casinos where Kiwis play roulette, have maximum bet limits of $1,000 to $10,000.  

The Fibonacci System

Fibonacci’s numbers were created by the mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci and provide a sequence of the previous two numbers. If that seems confusing, it will be clear if you look at the numbers 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34. Some people believe that Fibonacci numbers mirror elements of natural science, and therefore use them to play roulette as well. Most people use Fibonacci numbers to predict odd or even bets, it’s an interesting strategy but certainly doesn’t work long term.  

The Reverse Martingale System

Just like it sounds, the Reverse Martingale is the opposite of its big brother, Instead of doubling your bets when you lose, you double your bets only when you win. Probably the most newbie-friendly system out there, the advantage is that you tend to ride streaks and don’t lose a lot of money at one time. The big disadvantage is that with a single loss, you can wipe out all your profits.  

The James Bond Technique

Based on a popular Ian Fleming Novel, Casino Royale, James Bond creates a series of bets such as betting on zero (now respecting bond would play a double zero game) 13-18, and 19-36. The idea is that you cover a lot of real estate with your roulette bets and spread the best around. Does it work? Of course, it works if you are Bond, just as beautiful women fall in love with you and throw their bodies at you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in real life. You may win a little sometimes, and other times you will definitely lose.  

So is there any roulette system that works?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. There is just too much of a house edge to roulette to beat the system. All you can do is minimize the losses.

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May 18, 2021

Can Roulette Make You Rich?

Is it possible for a Kiwi Roulette Player to win big money, buy a home in Christchurch, be surfing one day, and mountain skiing the next? Having money, as they say, may not make you happy, but it will certainly finance a heck of a lot of happy meals. So back to the question. Can roulette make you rich? Possibly. But you need to make good decisions and be darn lucky to do so, so let’s break down the game.

Roulette Has a Low Win Rate

The first thing to notice is that regarding the pay-off, whether you are a Kiwi player trying their luck at an overseas online casino, or you are entering one of New Zealand’s six physical casinos, realize that roulette is not the best game to play. The house edge on roulette, if you manage to snag a single zero game, is 2.70 per cent. And if you play a double zero game, then the house edge is 5.26 per cent. Compare that to the house edge of .5 per cent for blackjack, a house edge as low as .85 per cent with odds bets on craps, a house edge as low as 1.06 per cent for baccarat, and even a house edge as low as 2 per cent on some slot machines and roulette doesn’t look like such a good game.

Online Casinos use Table Limits

Another important element to getting rich is how much can you win at one time. Those new to online gambling may not understand that both online and physical casinos have table limits on roulette bets. For example, many online casinos have an inside bet limit of around $150 or less. Let’s say for example that it’s your 7th wedding anniversary, and you were married on the 7th month (July) and the 7th day. So you are 100 convinced that the number 7 will come up on the 7th roll when you sit at the tables. You’re at an online casino with a table limit of $150 for inside bets. That means, at a payout of 35 to 1, you can win $5,250. And while most of us wouldn’t sneeze at a $5,000 win, it will hardly buy you a new Snowmobile, let alone a yacht or a house. So why do casinos, who have a significant house edge on roulette, set house limits anyway? It’s because of the famed Martingale manoeuvre. Created by a British Casino owner, John Martingale, who whispered to certain high-roller casino players that he had a sure-fire way for them to win money. Just double down your bet each time you lose. Eventually, you’ll wind up winning. Of course, Martingale, as an experienced casino operator, knew that the vast majority of gamblers would lose their entire stake long before the system paid off.  After all, sometimes red comes up 50 times in a row… true story. And it’s not unheard of for a single number, although the odds are high, to show up 6 times in a row. In case you didn’t know, casinos don’t like to take chances. The entire system is built in the casinos long term favour. But to avoid short-term anomalies like this, casinos all set table limits, particularly for roulette.

Roulette winning odds

Slot Machines Pay High

Now, let’s compare this with playing a single dollar on a slot machine. Most online slot machines payout a minimum of 7,500 coins to upwards of 10,000. And if you are playing a progressive slot, that could be much higher. In fact, in New Zealand in 2016, a Kentucky Fried Chicken Employee named Rawiri Pow managed to win over 10 million dollars playing a slot machine and managed to place himself on the Kiwi rich list. The best that we are aware of in roulette, by comparison, is an anonymous Kiwi roulette player, also in 2016, who in a few hours managed to turn a $1,000 stake into $100,000. Not bad, but certainly more rare, and even $100,000 will not turn you into a rich Kiwi.

Roulette Winning Odds are Greater than Blackjack

You frequently hear of professional blackjack players and professional poker players, but you rarely hear about professional roulette players. Why? Because the less skilful the gambling game, the greater the odds. A blackjack player, for example, can bring the odds down to as low as one-half a per cent, and have a decent chance of making money. This is not true with roulette players. In roulette, the player never touches the ball or the wheel. The game is completely hands-off and subject to the long objects of chance. You can be assured that though they might take notice, no bean counters are sitting at their calculator, a computer spreadsheet at their side, keeping track of each win or losses. Rather, they know over the long haul they will profit 2.7 to 5.26 depending upon how many zeros are on the wheel. Casinos win consistently on roulette as well as every other gambling game. But with roulette, while it possible a few rare players will become wealthy, on average, plenty will lose.

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February 24, 2021

The Best Online Casinos for Roulette

When it comes to choosing your online casino, there are so many wonderful options to choose from. In making your decision, you will want to look at a variety of factors. First of all, you will want to determine which casinos are the top paying online casinos, second of all, you will want to read up on reviews of the casino to make sure it is a quality casino. Should you especially enjoy the game roulette, you must choose a casino that excels in this particular game. We will discuss this in more detail below.

Jackpot City

Jackpot City is an excellent online casino that offers the game of roulette. This casino was founded several years ago and has been delivering quality games ever since. They do not only offer roulette. The Jackpot City Casino also offers slot games and poker. They offer a wide variety of different games to keep you entertained while gambling. Their winnings are of a significant amount. When it comes to playing roulette at the Jackpot City casino, you are likely to have a lot of fun. If you are a seasoned roulette player, you are likely to win more often than not. We recommend this particular casino specifically for playing the game roulette. Roulette is a fun game to play that is based mostly upon chance. The player bets on the number that they believe will when the game. The dealer spins a concave wheel that is numbered with different numbers. As the wheel is spinning, the dealer throws a ball into the wheel. Whichever number the ball lands on is the winning number for that round. Should one of the players have bet on that particular number, they will win that round. They will earn money from guessing the correct number. Roulette is a very fun game.


This is one of the most well-known online casinos. SkyCity allows the player to gamble real money. It is based out of New Zealand and was set up by the SkyCity Entertainment Group. One of the major perks that this particular casino has to offer is its free spins. For the first 7 days that you are registered with the company, you received 10 free spins per day. Should you win earnings on one of these spins, that will mean that you invested nothing to win. That is a pretty good return on your investment. This is a casino that offers one of the most fun forms of roulette. You can gamble in your roulette game with only a small amount of funding. This casino is known for its roulette game. Those who are not able to practice their roulette games in a real-life setting appreciate the online setting that SkyCity offers. It is a very life-like version of the game, complete with a life-like dealer. You will certainly enjoy playing this game of roulette.

Captain Spins

This online casino offers more than 1,500 games. You can fund your account with a Visa or MasterCard credit card or debit card. You can also fund your account with Skrill, Neteller or Paysafe. New games are released every week. You have the option of joining a very important person or VIP club. You will also receive rewards for your loyalty to the brand. The minimum deposit that you have to make to play is very low. You are only required to deposit $10 to begin playing at this casino. You get 50 bonus spins on your first deposit. You get 60 bonus spins on your second deposit and 70 bonus spins on your third deposit. Also, you get 80 bonus spins on your fourth deposit. Overall, this casino offers a lot of perks to players. This is a casino that offers one of the best options in roulette. You can play the roulette game while having a lot of fun at this particular casino. the Captain Spins casino offers particularly high payouts on the roulette game.


This is another wonderful online casino that offers roulette. They offer slot games, as well as online card games. They also offer wonderful perks for new sign-ups. Additionally, this online casino offers live card dealing games. They offer table games and slot machines. They are headquartered out of Stockholm, Sweden, but they are accessible to the New Zealand market. The company was founded in the year 2011 by Gustaf Hagman and Robin Ramm-Ericson. This company currently staffs 700 employees. The design for their website is meant to be accessed from mobile devices. What makes this company the most unique is that a specifically designed to be accessed from the smartphone device. The user can play online casino games, including slots and card games, from the comfort of their smartphone. In May of 2016, this company announced that they would be able to host sports betting, as well. This boosted their popularity among the general public. It also helped allow them to host gambling on international soccer games. This company is publicly traded on the New York stock exchange NYSE under the name LEO. The business has seen wide success in terms of hosting gamblers across the world. They are one of the best platforms for gambling on roulette games. Should you decide to invest in any of these platforms for gambling, you are sure to enjoy your experience. All of these platforms offer benefits in terms of playing roulette. They also offer perks like a sign-on bonuses and free spins. You are sure to have a lot of fun playing roulette with any of these platforms.

December 30, 2020

Top Tips for Blackjack Beginners

There are certain strategies that you may choose to employ to increase your chance of winning at blackjack. Blackjack is an online card game that can be played in any online casino. It is a standard card game that has been known to the avid gambler for many decades. If you want to win at a game of blackjack, there are a couple of methods that you can use. We will discuss them in detail below

Always Double-Down on a Hard 11

One of the most effective strategies in blackjack is to always double down on a hard 11. A hard 11 is when the adult hands add up to 11. Doubling down is doubling your bet once you see the cards that you have been dealt with. You will want to double down on a hard 11 because this is a hand that has a high likelihood of winning. All that is needed for this hand to be a winner is a face card. These face cards include jack, queen and king. As long as you hit one of these face cards, you will win the blackjack 21. You will likely be dealt a face card as there are 12 of them total in a deck of 52 cards. Being dealt a hard 11 is almost a guaranteed winning series. You will want to maximize your betting potential on this particular combination. It is not that often that you will be dealt a hard 11. For this reason, it is suggested that you make the most of that momentary luck by increasing your bet. You may find that the winnings you earn from this particular hand will make up for any losses for their down the road.

Always Split a Pair of Aces

You will find that it is beneficial to always split a pair of aces. The ace is worth 11 points. When you split a pair of aces, you increase the likelihood that you will win on both hands. When you split a pair of aces, you are hoping that you will hit a face card. Should you hit a face card on an ace. You will have earned the 21 points. In the game of blackjack 21, 21 points are the winning hand. You will likely hit a face card on your Ace card. There are a total of 12 face cards in the 52 card deck. Therefore, it is probable that you will hit a face card on top of your Ace card. This will win you that round.

Double Down on Tens When the Dealer’s Up-Card is Less Than Ten

Doubling down refers to the act of doubling the bet that you have already placed on the table. If you have tens, then you will want to double down your bet. This is when the dealers up card are 9 or less. You will do this because it is likely that you will win. As long as the dealer’s cards are not too high, you are likely to get to 21 if you already have a 10 card. It is not too difficult to get to 21 when you already have a 10 card and a card that is 9 or less. You are also not likely to exceed 21 with this combination.

Always Double Down on an 8 When the Dealer Has a Five or Six Card

You should always double down your bet on an eight when the dealer has a five or a six showing. This is because it is very likely that you will win with this combination. 8 + 5 = 13 and 8 + 6 = 14. 13 and 14 are both excellent numbers to hit another card with. This is because they are likely to result in a 21 or lower. They are not likely to result in going over the number 21. It is for this reason that it is recommended you double down your bets on these combinations. Doubling down your bets shows that you are confident you will be able to win the hand. Doubling down serves multiple purposes. Doubling down increases the amount of money that you will win should you win the hand. However, it is also a show that demonstrates to those at the table that you are confident you will win. It is possible that doubling down will encourage other players to surrender their hands. This is an offensive practise that helps increase your chances of winning.

Keep a Pair of Tens Together

Should you hit a pair of tens, you will want to keep them together. This is because a pair of tens totals 20. 20 is only 1 point away from 21. 21 is of course the goal of how much you hope to earn in points. You should not hit on a pair of tens. You should keep this pair together and you should opt to stay on this pair. The same can be said for a pair of fives. if you have a pair of fives, you should keep them together. You should also hit on a pair of fives. This is because it is likely that you will hit a face card or a 10. This will help you to reach the goal of 21, or close to it.

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October 29, 2020

Which Are the Top New Zealand Online Casino to Play Roulette

If you want to experience one the most compelling gambling game in New Zealand, then try roulette. You have to sit in a table with competitors and bet on where the spinning balls fall on a movable wheel. This wheel usually has symbols with different betting odds. If the ball hits the marks you waged, then you win some points.

The game comes with exquisite welcoming, matching bonuses, and free spins. The probability of winning a wager is even higher because of RTP (Return to Player) of about 97%. Roulette games come in many modes. In New Zealand, there are differing casino platforms that offer roulette. Therefore this article will highlight some of them.

Spin Casino

Spearhead by Microgaming software; Spin Casino features magnificent graphics. This casino’s leading operator is the Bayton limited. Since the casino’s unveiling in 2001, it has served New Zealand for a long time. Still, this site offers demo accounts and free games. In that case, you can test your skills accordingly without incurring any costs.

The spin casino bears exception background features. That is where Microgaming software adds incredible soundtracks and 3D video platforms to the casino. The flexibility of this software warrants the game to be played in touch-screen devices. You can play via IOS, Android, or Windows phones. Thus the quality of the phone’s game and computer game are similar.

Here, the roulette game comes with customer-friendly bonuses and promotions. The renowned promotion is the no-deposit mode. With this mode, you play the demo account, which you are credited with your winnings. Even the deposits you make are affordable, and the losses are typically hedged out. The higher RTP of the game will compensate for the winless run.

The bonuses of Spin Casino are incredible. Especially their welcome bonus, which favors the newbies. The stake you also wage can bear a matching bonus for any existing player. The spin casino offers a win-win situation. That is because, whether you lose or win, the bonuses will give you a leverage of your playtime.

The spin casino offers reliable banking sites. These sites include the Mastercads, visa, or Ecopayz. Also, the Malta Gaming Authority and eCOGRA authorize the site. If you have betting queries, there is a customer support program to help you. You can contact Spin Casino through Emails, live chats, or mobile line.


This gaming platform has been existence since 1998. In New Zealand, this site has been predominant for many years. Digimedia operates Jackpotcity with Microgaming software. The platform is also licensed by Malta Gaming Authority and eCOGRA. This platform offers roulette, blackjack, online pokies, and more games.

Most Especially in roulette, this site offers all suitable roulette versions. The glowing nature of Jackpotcity lights and higher sounds enhances the game’s graphics. There are incredible offers of little wheel play, where you play with no-deposit or little cash. Thus you can practice and polish the game even with a tight budget.

JackpotCity accepts cash transaction form various bankers. Through MasterCard, Visa, and other bankers, you can carry the transaction security. There is also 24/7 customer support. Through live chats, email, or telephone calls, your queries are responded timely.

The cash bonuses of Jackpotcity are intriguing. That includes welcome and matching bonuses. For newcomers, these welcome bonuses count. For existing players, they enjoy winnings rewards by their waging capacity. Those privileges even offset any winless run.

Dream Vegas

If you are riding in a Las Vegas dream, this is the game to activate your imagination. Maybe the developers knew better when they called it Dream Vegas. It has exceptional graphics, soundtracks, and visuals that are found in Las Vegas. In New Zealand, the site has produced the best roulette and other games sites.

The registration and licensing of the Dream Vegas are reliable and secure. You only need your bio details to register. It would help if you also had a password or to secure your gaming transactions. Malta licensing authorize this company, meaning your betting is secure.

Dream Vegas accepts many currencies and banking options. Even with your New Zealand Dollar, you still stake some deposits. This platform offers as low as twenty NZ dollars. However, in promotional times, there are no-deposit schemes. Cashouts and pending withdraws are addressed with five days. Therefore you do not have to worry that your money is lost.

Dream Vegas is one of the rare games that poses multiple software developers. NetEnt and Microgaming are the giant developers behind Dream Vegas’ success. Therefore its graphics, visuals, audios, and soundtracks are completely a real-life experience. Still, with these developers, you can access the games via desktop, tablets, mobile phones, and other IOS or android gadgets.

In the roulette playtime, there are over a thousand tables. That means you can play a variety of roulette versions. You can wage as low as NZ$0.10 and earn four-figure returns. For VIP, they can stake NZ$10000 and win even six figures. The security and probability of your winning come with RTP 96% and a 100% bonus.

Betway Casino

This gaming site is an international company. It has various branches in many countries, and it operates in New Zealand. It all accepts many currencies like NZD. Microgaming technology is the sole provider of Betway. It has wide selections of games like blackjack, soccer betting, roulette, and many others.

With the roulette games, your experience is lively. The table games acquire 3D graphics, eye-catching visuals. The software compatibility with IOS, Android, and windows makes you play the games using phones or tablets. With a fast-internet, the site is responsive. Therefore it is unnecessary to download the game.

Betway’s roulette rating value is 97% RTP. Thus if you play wisely, you will amerce significant returns. Every year Betway advances in its software management that means you will find suitable playing features. Also, using this site, you will play three roulette games. That includes the American, European, and Multi-wheel roulette.

The game’s promotion is somehow different from other gaming platforms. You attain a multi-deposit bonus simulation as a newcomer. For existing players, they acquire loyalty points, which counts in the deposit used to bet. These loyalty points depend on your playtime of ninety days. If Betway rates you as an active gamer, they will award you these points.

The betway jackpots and odds are very resourceful. Most significantly, the roulette games. In these games, you can attain a seven-figure rollover. Additionally, the roulette symbols odds also capitalize on your winning margins. Thus, it all depends on how strategically you play the game.

The security protocols of betway are authentic. Under Microgaming, betway utilizes SSL security of its users. If there is an existence of fraud, betway uses anti-collusion ion measures to their client’s money. The password and SSL encryption secure your transaction data. Moreover, the company offers a round-clock support program. Their staffs and artificial intelligence protocols are responsive to your queries.

What Is The Punch-Line Of This Article?

The gaming platforms above are just a number of them. However, there are myriads other like Royal Panda, Nitro Casino, Dunder Casino, and countless. Most of these sites mostly offer many versions of the roulette games. Therefore, understand their gaming protocols to choose the best one.


September 7, 2020

Other Great Casino Table Games

Introduction To The World Of BlackJack

Every player has to know the rules for each game. The rules will inevitably change the edge the house has. Say, for example, you want to know about the rules that will impact you(the player) favorably. Below we have some rules that apply for your benefit.

1) Any rules that say you can split aces four-times or greater is going to work in your favor. Pay attention when the dealer brings that up.

2) Once the dealer says you can double after a split, start paying attention. You will have more favorable odds of winning.

3) Did the dealer tell you that doubling two cards is allowed? That is a sure-fire sign that the odds will work in your favor. Do these things mean you will win the game? Possibly, but nothing is ever a guarantee. All we are saying is your odds have been doubled.

4) You are going to have fewer decks to work with? That is also a good sign. It is similar to working with fewer players at the tables. That means your odds have just increased. There is something called “camouflaging”. You have to know what the means if you are going to start doing it. This is when you start counting the cards without letting the casino see what you are doing. One sure-fire way to give yourself away is to start raising bets when it works in your favor. This is called countering. You have to be sneaky and sophisticated about how you do it if it is going to work. One way to do that is to keep counting until the game turns favorable for you to join. However, some casinos ban mid-entry. Choose a site that has not banned the practice(if you are going to do this).

To be clear: We are not encouraging this kind of behavior. We are simply letting you know some examples of things to do. There is a difference. One final note involves insurance bets. Never(ever) do an insurance bet unless the odds are entirely in your favor to win. Otherwise, pick a different bet to make.

An Introduction To Craps

1) You can learn this game in a few minutes. Look up some of the basic rules online to get started. The rest should take care of itself.

2) Craps has many wagering options to pick from. However, four options will work in your favor. Pass line, Don’t pass lines, come, and don’t come are the four that will work for you most of the time. The reason is that those four have some of the lowest house edges you can find in Craps. The “don’t bets” have the lowest(about 1.36%) for the house. Say, for example. that you have $10,000. You use one of those strategies. Your loss could be between $136-141. That is a $5 difference. Now, some of you might think that is not a big deal(especially if you only play Craps a few times a year). However, that $5 loss will add up if you play Craps regularly.

3) The other players are going to get annoyed and irritated when you start using the “don’t bet” strategy. The reason is that the signal is to bet on the shooter’s side(which is where the pass line bets come in handy). Once you start going the opposite way, you are telling others you are going against the shooter. That is when players get really annoyed and irritated with you. This ma or may not be a bad thing because every situation is different. You will, however, be considered a lone wolf. Most players do not play well with “lone wolf”. That is just something to keep in mind.

4) Craps is filled with a lot of urban legends and crazy superstitions. Do not believe in those lies and myths some players will tell you. Those myths and legends are not going to change anything about the game.

An Introduction To Three-Card Poker

1) Let’s talk about some ante-play strategies. You should bet on a Queen-high hand once you see your second card is a seven or higher. It does not matter what the third or fourth card is, bet on the Queen-high hand. Bet on the Queen-high hand if you have a six as your second card. However, you should only do that if your third card is four or five. Do not make this bet if your third card is not a four or five. Once you see your second card is a five or lower, please fold. It does not matter what your third card is. Fold now.

2) Any hand with a pair(Pair Plus) or better is a winner. What the dealer has is moot at this point.

3) You win $20 if you make a play bet and ante of $10 each. You will beat the dealer once that happens.

An Introduction To Three-Card Brag

1) You get three cards handed face-down. The goal is to either bet or fold, and you do that based on the quality of your hand. The number of players is unlimited. However, the game is supposed to continue until only 2 people are left.

2) A run is three cards(in order) of the same suit.

3) Say, for example, you are dealt with K-A-2 in your hand. This is not something you can use as a “run” or a “running flush”. It will not work. What can work are A-K-Q or A-2-3. These two are just examples, but it gives you an idea.

July 14, 2020

The History Of Roulette

When you look back at all the games that have been introduced into the world, there are so many that come to mind. Imagine the games that were around years ago. Games that your grandparents, great grandparents, and behind that used to play. Your Ancestors and great Ancestors had games they played as well. Think of all the history behind the games and the story the game history has behind it. It’s fascinating to learn the truth history of a particular game. Let’s take Roulette for example. Roulette has so much history behind it to tell.

The history of Roulette, has several different theories. The most acclaimed version that everyone knows or has heard of, is that the game Roulette was created in the 17th Century by a French mathematician named Blaise Pascal. The game Roulette was magically created while Mr. Pascal was initially trying to create a perpetual motion machine. During this time is when Roulette was introduced in the early 17th century.

The Chinese conspiracy is one that the Chinese hold. Years ago many people believed that the game Roulette, mimicked a board game. This game involved placing thirty seven animal figures in a board where numbers added up to six hundred and sixty six. This game was then stumbled upon by Dominican monks who were heavily involved in the culture of Chinese life.

Later in the 17th century France tried to take all the credit for Roulette. In France there are two very similar games that are played. The games are called Roly-Poly and Even-Odd. Both these incredible games involve the players to spin a wheel. A player then bets on the outcome of the spin. France too, introduced a Roulette style game, which is why they feel like they are the creator of Roulette.

In late 17th century and very early 18 century, in Ancient Rome, they had their own theory on the games Roulette. Soldiers were being killed, Soldiers seeing their friends and family dying. There was so much grief, the commander tried helping by putting together a game. He thought this would help the Soldiers dealing with their grief and depression. This game consisted of the Greek soldiers drawing symbols, and then placing them face down. The soldiers would then place their arrow in front of the symbol. After that, they would spin a shield and place wagers on which symbol would stop in front of the arrow. This game the Greek Ancient Romans played are a lot like the game Roulette.

Once Roulette sailed across the seas in America, the history continues. In the early 19th century a game was introduced in Louisiana. Once it was acknowledged in the United States, is when they added it to casinos. Once it got bigger and bigger in America the Casino were not okay with such little house edge. House edge is the money the casino gets if the person loses. They voted for an increase and finally settled on a amount. That is when the Double Zero version became the correct form of play at any American casinos. Today that game is called American Roulette.

Roulette eventually made its way to even online casinos in the late 19th century. It let everyone enjoy the betting and winning at Roulette, all while sitting in the comfort of their own home. There was no need for a person to fit going to the casino, into their busy fast-tracked lives. The easy online Roulette was how everyone chose to play. New online Roulette platforms are coming every month. This allows players to choose what type of Roulette they want to play. They can choose American, European, or any other types of Roulette through history.

Today Roulette is starting to become more popular. It has always been a quite known game, but not as popular as all the other casino games a casino has to offer. Today Roulette is still known as one of the oldest popular games to be able to play. With today’s society it is easier than ever to access Roulette, whether it’s in the casino or the comfort of your own home. It would be so nice to be able to come home from a long a hard day of work, and be able to still be able to do a couple spins. Everyone wins eventually. Let the fun start and the betting start.

On a normal day, a person doesn’t think of the age and history of something. To be able to sit and learn the history and background of something so old like Roulette, is exuberating and fascinating. There’s been centuries of history on Roulette, and how it traveled and spread. To learn how each county came up with the same exact game, which different perks, puts a person in culture shock. It’s amazing to watch and be a part of history. Watching it grow everyday, when people play American Roulette online or in a casino.

May 23, 2020

The Different Types of Roulette

Roulette originates from France, and the name is an adaptation of the French word for small wheel. With the game steadily increasing in popularity, different countries adapted the game and various developed over the years.

The game is easy to comprehend and fun to play. Other than understanding the little differences between the major roulette versions, the game has no techniques or strategies that a player can use to increase their winning odds.

Physical and cultural differences will affect the winning odds. Here is a list of the roulette variations that you could try your luck.

American Roulette

In addition to the 0 pockets, this roulette has a 00 pocket. This increases the house’s advantage since a player gets to choose from more slots at the wheel.

The winning odds at America roulette are 1 to 38. Also, the numbers are placed in sequential, logical order and opposite from each other. On single number bets, the house’s advantage is 5.26%. The payoff ratios remain the same even though there is an extra pocket.

Outside bets are placed in two rows below the grid. The number grid is vertically laid, and the double zero and zero bets are placed on the left side.

European Roulette

Based on its originality, this is the most authentic variation. The wheel has numbers ranging from 0 to 36, excluding 00. This increases the winning chances for a player since there are lesser numbers, thus raising their advantage. European roulette has the winnings odds at 1 to 36.

Even though the players’ odds increase, this lowers the stakes significantly. With European roulette, the house edge adds to 2.7%, which means that if a player loses, they incur smaller loses.

Furthermore, there are more gaming options and formalities associated with this roulette version. For instance, a player can start the ball from a specific spot on the gaming wheel if they pay the croupier (someone at the casino who spins the wheel).

Other acceptable formalities include “la partage.” according to this rule; the player can choose to prison their bet after a spin of 0. That is, they can leave it on the same spot that they had initially betted before spinning a 0. This is a strategy used by players to recover losses.

The number grid lies horizontally on the table with two rows of outside bets beneath. The top row has the three third of the table bets while the lower one has even, odd, red, black, low and high bets.

The right side of the grid holds the column bets.

French Roulette

This version uses the format of the European wheel. The difference lies in the betting options and rules offered on the betting table.

En prison allows the player to win back the stakes placed on an outside bet by retaining the bet on the same spot. Winning will win back the money, while a loss is claimed by the house.

These favours are exclusive to French roulette, and they are very favourable to the players. Even on money bets, the house edge is significantly cut back to 1.35%.

The outside bets are placed on both sides of the numbers grid, which is horizontally aligned on the table.

The high, Black, and Even are placed top and low, while the red, odd, and low are placed on the bottom.

A dozen bets are on both lower and upper side of the table.

Rapid Roulette

This can be defined as e-roulette; that is, it is played by placing the bets on the touchscreen terminal.

Several terminals for betting typically surround the roulette wheel. Normally, the player cannot place a bet after the wheel is spun. Betting rounds are twenty-five seconds long, which allows a player to place their bets, close to sixty-five times in an hour.

Depending on your streak, faster spinning will either increase the overall wins or the speed at which you lose money.

Since this is an electronic variation of roulette, the basic playing strategies apply to depend on the number of slots. They can either be 0 -37 or 0- 38, given that some variations have 00 slots.

This variation continues to steadily increase in popularity because it integrates the advantages of a live dealer with electronic betting prompts.

Double Ball Roulette

This game first featured in Vegas. Just as the name, this game has the same strategies with roulette, but with two balls and slight differences in payouts and rules.

With this game, the two balls are simultaneously dropped on the spinning wheel, which results in two winning rounds per round.

Even though this variation is mostly played on land-based casinos, it can be easily accessed through online gaming casino platforms. Online casinos have developed different variations, with two having picked very well with players.

RNG Roulette

Random Number Generators is a favourable preference for many live dealer games. The virtual version involves a table and wheel, which are generated by a computer with graphics that resemble an actual casino.

The winning number for this roulette is determined by the RNG algorithm. The wheel spinning is an animation that has no consequence to the number that appears since the algorithm is operational even with no active player. This means that the RNG is regularly producing numbers, even when a player is adjusting a bet size or placing one.

When the player presses the spin button, the winning number is immediately generated. At the same time, the wheel simulation is triggered. When the wheel is stationary again, the number displays on the screen.

In such an instance, the croupier’s job will solely be announcing winning numbers and validating the winning bets.

This roulette is preferred to by many land-based casinos since they are not liable to wear and tear, compared to their mechanical counterparts.


Compared to European roulette, this variation holds only thirteen slots, with numbers ranging from 1 to 12, and a zero.

Due to the decreased slots, this variation offers the players increased winning odds. However, compared to most betting tables, mini-roulette offers lesser payout ratios. Nonetheless, bets with single numbers have three times winning chances.

Depending on which variation of mini-roulette that a player chooses, there are different ways of picking the winning number. For instance, it may involve a physical wheel and ball, or spinning till it stops on a marker which determines the winning number.

On other tables, outside bets are likely to attract slightly better deals.

3D roulette

3D variations offer spectacular graphics with authentic audios which act to simulate an actual land-based casino. Furthermore, this variation provides particular features which serve the players convenience.

This roulette version applies the European and French gaming strategies, but a player can still play using the 00 pocket wheel if they want to.

Compared to single zero roulette, the house edge with double zero 3D roulette is at 5.26%.

With outside bets, a player has substantial winning odds, but the amount collected is less. However, inside bets collect higher payouts but have slimmer chances of winning.

A player is required to deposit funds into the casino account before they can load the game and select their chips denomination.

March 31, 2020

The Best Roulette Bets To Beat The House

A common question that is posed to gamblers is what is the best roulette strategy to employ to maximize your odds of winning? This is a complex question since the game has so many variations and playing strategies. For the un-indoctrinated, roulette is a table game found in almost every casino around the world and has been featured on various television and big screen productions. The best roulette strategy for an individual player is based upon your bankroll, personal appetite for risk, betting preferences and playing style.

Below we will explore the best roulette bets and strategies that will maximize your odds of success at roulette the next time you take your turn at the wheel.

At the outset, it is important to understand that there are three different variations of the roulette game:

*European roulette – In this version of the game, there are 37 numbers with a single green zero. The house advantage is 2.7% and betting on any individual number carries with it 1/37 odds.

*French roulette – similar to European roulette, this game also has a single green zero and numbers ranging between 1 and 36. However, this game is different since it has two rules that do not exist in other games. They are known as “La Partage” and “En Prison”. What this means is when a player makes an even-money bet (red or black, odd or even or high or low) and the ball lands in the green zero section, the player receives half of the bet back (“La Partage”) or may allow to “let it ride“ (“En Prison”) until the following spin. This wrinkle does reduce the house advantage to approximately 1.35%.

*American Roulette – this is the United States version of the game which is unique in its display, style and rules. In this version of the game, there are two separate sets of zeros. There is a single zero and a double zero. The house advantage is much higher in American roulette than in European or French Roulette. The house advantage here is 5.26% and there is a 1 out of 38 chance for the player to select a winning number on an individual spin. The oddity is that the payout is 35:1.

Now that you understand the different variations of the game, the following are the best roulette bets and strategies.

1. Simply stated, betting red or black, odd or even or high or low in any variation of the game will give you as close to a 50-50 chance as any other game in the casino. Because of the different wrinkles in each game, the odds are slightly different but, by and large, you are going to get as close to 50% as possible. For every 100 times, you play European or French roulette, you will win approximately 49 times. When it comes to American roulette, that average drops to 46 wins.

2. This is known as “dozen betting”. This is betting in an aggregate manner where players choose 12 separate numbers; the payout is 2:1. In American roulette, the odds of hitting any dozen numbers is 31.58%. In European or French roulette, the odds are 32.4%. In so doing, you have a 1/3 chance of winning but you are risking more by placing more bets at one time. American roulette has the lowest odds, of course, because of the green zero and double zero slots on the wheel.

3. Combination betting is where the player bets on any combination of numbers at a time. This gives the player odds of 17:1 and carries with it the probability of winning at 5.4%. The odds here are better than betting on any one single number. The combinations most players wager on are two, three, four or six different numbers at a time. As you increase the number of combinations, you increase your winning probability but you also increase the amount of your wager.

There are three separate strategies employed by Roulette players:

1. Martingale system – this strategy is based upon the idea that the player will double their bet if they lose in the hope and expectation that they will recuperate faster from their losses. For example, if you bet $50 and do not win, you will double your bet to $100 to recover your losses. However, a losing streak can be fatal to your bankroll and become very expensive. By and large, this is considered the number one strategy in roulette.

2. Paroli system – this is what is known as a “positive betting system“. Some people refer to it as a progressive betting strategy where your bet is increased after a win and then as wins increase the size of your wager continues to grow. A “three-win” method is preferable when using this system which means that three consecutive wins are the objective before starting over.

3. D’Alembert system – this is where the player increases their bets after losing and decreases their bets after winning and is sometimes referred to as a negative progression system. This is a flawed strategy because it relies upon the theory that the likelihood of a specific outcome has some relation to the prior result. It is important to remember that each spin of the wheel is independent and the result of one spin has nothing to do with the others. In other words, just because black has come out 15 times in a row, the 16th spin has the same probability as the first spin did.

For newer gamblers, it is best to wager on the colours (red and black), odd and even and high and low at first to get a feel for the game. Over time, this strategy will enable you to realize some consistent wins and possibly go on a streak.

You may wish to consider incorporating a combination of the Martingale system with the red/black, odd/even, high/low betting strategy. Slightly increase your bets as you realize wins and, if you do lose, drop your bet down to the table minimum. Repeat this strategy over an hour or so and see how you do.

It is recommended that you start with a minimum bet such as $10 or so this way you don’t lose too much money. Slow and steady wins the race, so go at your own pace and most importantly enjoy the experience – roulette is one of the most thrilling and entertaining games in the casino and provides hours of entertainment if played correctly and skillfully.

Roulette bets