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January 23, 2020

Top 6 most famous professional roulette players

The world of casino is way too different, exciting and fun-filled in nature. They say that roulette is always a winning horse. It is exceptionally popular and thrilling in nature. The roulette is played enormously since the day of its origin. There are millions of gamblers who are incredible fans of gaming and have taken roulette as a hobby. Here is a list of most famous professionals roulette players.

Chris Boyd

Chris Boyd is the very first individual to make the breakdown of the records of modern-day roulette. He is considered as the high-grade professional roulette player. Chris is a British citizen who is a software engineer by profession. His onetime stake was around $22000. He credits Las Vegas for his interests in casinos and gambling. He once said in one of his interviews that his interest in roulette was unpredictable and grabbed him immense success and popularity.

success and popularity

Ashley Revell

Ashley Revell is a British professional gambler. His roulette tricks and skills made him compete with Chris Boyd. He was such a passionate gambler that once he sold everything he had to afford a single spin in Las Vegas. His stake was $135000. This spin gave him immense popularity and success around the world. After his remarkable win, he decided not to gamble again, and he used that gain for a useful purpose.

Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger is known as the first professional roulette player. He is also the man to claim that no two roulette wheel is the same. He has contributed many theories to roulette gambling. Till date, many roulette fans use his approaches to crack down the bets. His theories also prove that roulette wheels(Must Watch) are the once which determine the wins.

Charles Wells

Charles wells was the man next to Joseph Jagger to break the record of Monte Carlo. The thrilling fact about his win is that he played on the same table and the same wheel that Jagger played for the same win. After this incident, the casino staff realized that there was a mistake in the wheel which comprehended Jagger’s theory of cracking bets. Charles was the first man to realize what the mistake was and gave a new thought to the emerging tricks.

Gonzalo Garcia – Pelayo

Gonzalo Garcia is one of the every smartest man in the list. He took the advantages of the problematic wheels. He was smart to identify the flaws each wheel had and utilized it to create his chances of winning the spin. He induced an exclusive trick to identify the hot spot where the ball would land after the spin.

Norman Leigh

Norman is a French gentleman who won 800000 French Francs in 1966. This win was so immense that the casino was left shocking till its next recovery.

Professional Players