September 7, 2020

Other Great Casino Table Games

Introduction To The World Of BlackJack

Every player has to know the rules for each game. The rules will inevitably change the edge the house has. Say, for example, you want to know about the rules that will impact you(the player) favorably. Below we have some rules that apply for your benefit.

1) Any rules that say you can split aces four-times or greater is going to work in your favor. Pay attention when the dealer brings that up.

2) Once the dealer says you can double after a split, start paying attention. You will have more favorable odds of winning.

3) Did the dealer tell you that doubling two cards is allowed? That is a sure-fire sign that the odds will work in your favor. Do these things mean you will win the game? Possibly, but nothing is ever a guarantee. All we are saying is your odds have been doubled.

4) You are going to have fewer decks to work with? That is also a good sign. It is similar to working with fewer players at the tables. That means your odds have just increased. There is something called “camouflaging”. You have to know what the means if you are going to start doing it. This is when you start counting the cards without letting the casino see what you are doing. One sure-fire way to give yourself away is to start raising bets when it works in your favor. This is called countering. You have to be sneaky and sophisticated about how you do it if it is going to work. One way to do that is to keep counting until the game turns favorable for you to join. However, some casinos ban mid-entry. Choose a site that has not banned the practice(if you are going to do this).

To be clear: We are not encouraging this kind of behavior. We are simply letting you know some examples of things to do. There is a difference. One final note involves insurance bets. Never(ever) do an insurance bet unless the odds are entirely in your favor to win. Otherwise, pick a different bet to make.

An Introduction To Craps

1) You can learn this game in a few minutes. Look up some of the basic rules online to get started. The rest should take care of itself.

2) Craps has many wagering options to pick from. However, four options will work in your favor. Pass line, Don’t pass lines, come, and don’t come are the four that will work for you most of the time. The reason is that those four have some of the lowest house edges you can find in Craps. The “don’t bets” have the lowest(about 1.36%) for the house. Say, for example. that you have $10,000. You use one of those strategies. Your loss could be between $136-141. That is a $5 difference. Now, some of you might think that is not a big deal(especially if you only play Craps a few times a year). However, that $5 loss will add up if you play Craps regularly.

3) The other players are going to get annoyed and irritated when you start using the “don’t bet” strategy. The reason is that the signal is to bet on the shooter’s side(which is where the pass line bets come in handy). Once you start going the opposite way, you are telling others you are going against the shooter. That is when players get really annoyed and irritated with you. This ma or may not be a bad thing because every situation is different. You will, however, be considered a lone wolf. Most players do not play well with “lone wolf”. That is just something to keep in mind.

4) Craps is filled with a lot of urban legends and crazy superstitions. Do not believe in those lies and myths some players will tell you. Those myths and legends are not going to change anything about the game.

An Introduction To Three-Card Poker

1) Let’s talk about some ante-play strategies. You should bet on a Queen-high hand once you see your second card is a seven or higher. It does not matter what the third or fourth card is, bet on the Queen-high hand. Bet on the Queen-high hand if you have a six as your second card. However, you should only do that if your third card is four or five. Do not make this bet if your third card is not a four or five. Once you see your second card is a five or lower, please fold. It does not matter what your third card is. Fold now.

2) Any hand with a pair(Pair Plus) or better is a winner. What the dealer has is moot at this point.

3) You win $20 if you make a play bet and ante of $10 each. You will beat the dealer once that happens.

An Introduction To Three-Card Brag

1) You get three cards handed face-down. The goal is to either bet or fold, and you do that based on the quality of your hand. The number of players is unlimited. However, the game is supposed to continue until only 2 people are left.

2) A run is three cards(in order) of the same suit.

3) Say, for example, you are dealt with K-A-2 in your hand. This is not something you can use as a “run” or a “running flush”. It will not work. What can work are A-K-Q or A-2-3. These two are just examples, but it gives you an idea.

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