May 23, 2020

The Different Types of Roulette

Roulette originates from France, and the name is an adaptation of the French word for small wheel. With the game steadily increasing in popularity, different countries adapted the game and various developed over the years.

The game is easy to comprehend and fun to play. Other than understanding the little differences between the major roulette versions, the game has no techniques or strategies that a player can use to increase their winning odds.

Physical and cultural differences will affect the winning odds. Here is a list of the roulette variations that you could try your luck.

American Roulette

In addition to the 0 pockets, this roulette has a 00 pocket. This increases the house’s advantage since a player gets to choose from more slots at the wheel.

The winning odds at America roulette are 1 to 38. Also, the numbers are placed in sequential, logical order and opposite from each other. On single number bets, the house’s advantage is 5.26%. The payoff ratios remain the same even though there is an extra pocket.

Outside bets are placed in two rows below the grid. The number grid is vertically laid, and the double zero and zero bets are placed on the left side.

European Roulette

Based on its originality, this is the most authentic variation. The wheel has numbers ranging from 0 to 36, excluding 00. This increases the winning chances for a player since there are lesser numbers, thus raising their advantage. European roulette has the winnings odds at 1 to 36.

Even though the players’ odds increase, this lowers the stakes significantly. With European roulette, the house edge adds to 2.7%, which means that if a player loses, they incur smaller loses.

Furthermore, there are more gaming options and formalities associated with this roulette version. For instance, a player can start the ball from a specific spot on the gaming wheel if they pay the croupier (someone at the casino who spins the wheel).

Other acceptable formalities include “la partage.” according to this rule; the player can choose to prison their bet after a spin of 0. That is, they can leave it on the same spot that they had initially betted before spinning a 0. This is a strategy used by players to recover losses.

The number grid lies horizontally on the table with two rows of outside bets beneath. The top row has the three third of the table bets while the lower one has even, odd, red, black, low and high bets.

The right side of the grid holds the column bets.

French Roulette

This version uses the format of the European wheel. The difference lies in the betting options and rules offered on the betting table.

En prison allows the player to win back the stakes placed on an outside bet by retaining the bet on the same spot. Winning will win back the money, while a loss is claimed by the house.

These favours are exclusive to French roulette, and they are very favourable to the players. Even on money bets, the house edge is significantly cut back to 1.35%.

The outside bets are placed on both sides of the numbers grid, which is horizontally aligned on the table.

The high, Black, and Even are placed top and low, while the red, odd, and low are placed on the bottom.

A dozen bets are on both lower and upper side of the table.

Rapid Roulette

This can be defined as e-roulette; that is, it is played by placing the bets on the touchscreen terminal.

Several terminals for betting typically surround the roulette wheel. Normally, the player cannot place a bet after the wheel is spun. Betting rounds are twenty-five seconds long, which allows a player to place their bets, close to sixty-five times in an hour.

Depending on your streak, faster spinning will either increase the overall wins or the speed at which you lose money.

Since this is an electronic variation of roulette, the basic playing strategies apply to depend on the number of slots. They can either be 0 -37 or 0- 38, given that some variations have 00 slots.

This variation continues to steadily increase in popularity because it integrates the advantages of a live dealer with electronic betting prompts.

Double Ball Roulette

This game first featured in Vegas. Just as the name, this game has the same strategies with roulette, but with two balls and slight differences in payouts and rules.

With this game, the two balls are simultaneously dropped on the spinning wheel, which results in two winning rounds per round.

Even though this variation is mostly played on land-based casinos, it can be easily accessed through online gaming casino platforms. Online casinos have developed different variations, with two having picked very well with players.

RNG Roulette

Random Number Generators is a favourable preference for many live dealer games. The virtual version involves a table and wheel, which are generated by a computer with graphics that resemble an actual casino.

The winning number for this roulette is determined by the RNG algorithm. The wheel spinning is an animation that has no consequence to the number that appears since the algorithm is operational even with no active player. This means that the RNG is regularly producing numbers, even when a player is adjusting a bet size or placing one.

When the player presses the spin button, the winning number is immediately generated. At the same time, the wheel simulation is triggered. When the wheel is stationary again, the number displays on the screen.

In such an instance, the croupier’s job will solely be announcing winning numbers and validating the winning bets.

This roulette is preferred to by many land-based casinos since they are not liable to wear and tear, compared to their mechanical counterparts.


Compared to European roulette, this variation holds only thirteen slots, with numbers ranging from 1 to 12, and a zero.

Due to the decreased slots, this variation offers the players increased winning odds. However, compared to most betting tables, mini-roulette offers lesser payout ratios. Nonetheless, bets with single numbers have three times winning chances.

Depending on which variation of mini-roulette that a player chooses, there are different ways of picking the winning number. For instance, it may involve a physical wheel and ball, or spinning till it stops on a marker which determines the winning number.

On other tables, outside bets are likely to attract slightly better deals.

3D roulette

3D variations offer spectacular graphics with authentic audios which act to simulate an actual land-based casino. Furthermore, this variation provides particular features which serve the players convenience.

This roulette version applies the European and French gaming strategies, but a player can still play using the 00 pocket wheel if they want to.

Compared to single zero roulette, the house edge with double zero 3D roulette is at 5.26%.

With outside bets, a player has substantial winning odds, but the amount collected is less. However, inside bets collect higher payouts but have slimmer chances of winning.

A player is required to deposit funds into the casino account before they can load the game and select their chips denomination.

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