July 14, 2020

The History Of Roulette

When you look back at all the games that have been introduced into the world, there are so many that come to mind. Imagine the games that were around years ago. Games that your grandparents, great grandparents, and behind that used to play. Your Ancestors and great Ancestors had games they played as well. Think of all the history behind the games and the story the game history has behind it. It’s fascinating to learn the truth history of a particular game. Let’s take Roulette for example. Roulette has so much history behind it to tell.

The history of Roulette, has several different theories. The most acclaimed version that everyone knows or has heard of, is that the game Roulette was created in the 17th Century by a French mathematician named Blaise Pascal. The game Roulette was magically created while Mr. Pascal was initially trying to create a perpetual motion machine. During this time is when Roulette was introduced in the early 17th century.

The Chinese conspiracy is one that the Chinese hold. Years ago many people believed that the game Roulette, mimicked a board game. This game involved placing thirty seven animal figures in a board where numbers added up to six hundred and sixty six. This game was then stumbled upon by Dominican monks who were heavily involved in the culture of Chinese life.

Later in the 17th century France tried to take all the credit for Roulette. In France there are two very similar games that are played. The games are called Roly-Poly and Even-Odd. Both these incredible games involve the players to spin a wheel. A player then bets on the outcome of the spin. France too, introduced a Roulette style game, which is why they feel like they are the creator of Roulette.

In late 17th century and very early 18 century, in Ancient Rome, they had their own theory on the games Roulette. Soldiers were being killed, Soldiers seeing their friends and family dying. There was so much grief, the commander tried helping by putting together a game. He thought this would help the Soldiers dealing with their grief and depression. This game consisted of the Greek soldiers drawing symbols, and then placing them face down. The soldiers would then place their arrow in front of the symbol. After that, they would spin a shield and place wagers on which symbol would stop in front of the arrow. This game the Greek Ancient Romans played are a lot like the game Roulette.

Once Roulette sailed across the seas in America, the history continues. In the early 19th century a game was introduced in Louisiana. Once it was acknowledged in the United States, is when they added it to casinos. Once it got bigger and bigger in America the Casino were not okay with such little house edge. House edge is the money the casino gets if the person loses. They voted for an increase and finally settled on a amount. That is when the Double Zero version became the correct form of play at any American casinos. Today that game is called American Roulette.

Roulette eventually made its way to even online casinos in the late 19th century. It let everyone enjoy the betting and winning at Roulette, all while sitting in the comfort of their own home. There was no need for a person to fit going to the casino, into their busy fast-tracked lives. The easy online Roulette was how everyone chose to play. New online Roulette platforms are coming every month. This allows players to choose what type of Roulette they want to play. They can choose American, European, or any other types of Roulette through history.

Today Roulette is starting to become more popular. It has always been a quite known game, but not as popular as all the other casino games a casino has to offer. Today Roulette is still known as one of the oldest popular games to be able to play. With today’s society it is easier than ever to access Roulette, whether it’s in the casino or the comfort of your own home. It would be so nice to be able to come home from a long a hard day of work, and be able to still be able to do a couple spins. Everyone wins eventually. Let the fun start and the betting start.

On a normal day, a person doesn’t think of the age and history of something. To be able to sit and learn the history and background of something so old like Roulette, is exuberating and fascinating. There’s been centuries of history on Roulette, and how it traveled and spread. To learn how each county came up with the same exact game, which different perks, puts a person in culture shock. It’s amazing to watch and be a part of history. Watching it grow everyday, when people play American Roulette online or in a casino.

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