February 15, 2020

How to Play Roulette?

Roulette has nothing but the excitement in the floors of casinos. It not a modern evolution product to the empire of gambling, but it has a history dating back to the 16th century AD. The game became highly popular after the establishment of the British administration around the globe. It is one of the prevalent games played worldwide.

This thrilling game has many nooks you need to know before to jump on the tables to begin gambling. Let us see the instructions to play roulette step by step.

Step 1: Know the basics

No matter what game you are about to play, always make sure you are aware of all the components involved in the game. Do you know Roulette means little wheel in French? Thus the name roulette, now you know that Roulette involves a little wheel. This wheel has numbers from 36 to 0. It also has a tiny ball to spin on the table denoting a number from the wheel board.

Step 2: Learn about the bets

the bets

The next very significant step is to understand the stakes. The roulette games is about quoting the number on which the ivory ball might land. This process involves a number of bets. They can be classified as follows, inside bet and outside bet.

Step 3: Realize the odds

Every casino or Roulette to be précised always has an edge. The bets at both wheels are paid at the odds. This would be true only if the 36 are on the wheel. The advantages of this part are by number 0 on the table. There are thousands of theories involved in improving the odds.

Step 4: Play the game

When the game begins, every player will have place cards that denote minimum and maximum bets at the table. In Roulette, the minimum is $5 for an inside bet and outside bet. Maximum is the $1000 for an outside bet and $100 for the inside bet. Every table has a board which displays the highlights of the previous numbers denoted by the ball.

Step 5: watch the game to know better


There is no real strategy to Roulette, the best advice is to learn by watching the game. Most of the times a dealer watches the rolling of the ball and predict the velocity on which the ball is going to land. They can predict the landing of the ball very accurately. There are chances that the ball is repeating the landing on the same number consequently.

Step 6: Hand over the chips to the dealer

Croupier is the other name for the dealer who collects the chips. In Roulette every player gets a unique color to recognize the bets. You get varieties of chips in different kinds of denominations. After every game, you need to hand over the chips to the dealer.

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