December 30, 2020

Top Tips for Blackjack Beginners

There are certain strategies that you may choose to employ to increase your chance of winning at blackjack. Blackjack is an online card game that can be played in any online casino. It is a standard card game that has been known to the avid gambler for many decades. If you want to win at a game of blackjack, there are a couple of methods that you can use. We will discuss them in detail below

Always Double-Down on a Hard 11

One of the most effective strategies in blackjack is to always double down on a hard 11. A hard 11 is when the adult hands add up to 11. Doubling down is doubling your bet once you see the cards that you have been dealt with. You will want to double down on a hard 11 because this is a hand that has a high likelihood of winning. All that is needed for this hand to be a winner is a face card. These face cards include jack, queen and king. As long as you hit one of these face cards, you will win the blackjack 21. You will likely be dealt a face card as there are 12 of them total in a deck of 52 cards. Being dealt a hard 11 is almost a guaranteed winning series. You will want to maximize your betting potential on this particular combination. It is not that often that you will be dealt a hard 11. For this reason, it is suggested that you make the most of that momentary luck by increasing your bet. You may find that the winnings you earn from this particular hand will make up for any losses for their down the road.

Always Split a Pair of Aces

You will find that it is beneficial to always split a pair of aces. The ace is worth 11 points. When you split a pair of aces, you increase the likelihood that you will win on both hands. When you split a pair of aces, you are hoping that you will hit a face card. Should you hit a face card on an ace. You will have earned the 21 points. In the game of blackjack 21, 21 points are the winning hand. You will likely hit a face card on your Ace card. There are a total of 12 face cards in the 52 card deck. Therefore, it is probable that you will hit a face card on top of your Ace card. This will win you that round.

Double Down on Tens When the Dealer’s Up-Card is Less Than Ten

Doubling down refers to the act of doubling the bet that you have already placed on the table. If you have tens, then you will want to double down your bet. This is when the dealers up card are 9 or less. You will do this because it is likely that you will win. As long as the dealer’s cards are not too high, you are likely to get to 21 if you already have a 10 card. It is not too difficult to get to 21 when you already have a 10 card and a card that is 9 or less. You are also not likely to exceed 21 with this combination.

Always Double Down on an 8 When the Dealer Has a Five or Six Card

You should always double down your bet on an eight when the dealer has a five or a six showing. This is because it is very likely that you will win with this combination. 8 + 5 = 13 and 8 + 6 = 14. 13 and 14 are both excellent numbers to hit another card with. This is because they are likely to result in a 21 or lower. They are not likely to result in going over the number 21. It is for this reason that it is recommended you double down your bets on these combinations. Doubling down your bets shows that you are confident you will be able to win the hand. Doubling down serves multiple purposes. Doubling down increases the amount of money that you will win should you win the hand. However, it is also a show that demonstrates to those at the table that you are confident you will win. It is possible that doubling down will encourage other players to surrender their hands. This is an offensive practise that helps increase your chances of winning.

Keep a Pair of Tens Together

Should you hit a pair of tens, you will want to keep them together. This is because a pair of tens totals 20. 20 is only 1 point away from 21. 21 is of course the goal of how much you hope to earn in points. You should not hit on a pair of tens. You should keep this pair together and you should opt to stay on this pair. The same can be said for a pair of fives. if you have a pair of fives, you should keep them together. You should also hit on a pair of fives. This is because it is likely that you will hit a face card or a 10. This will help you to reach the goal of 21, or close to it.

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