February 17, 2020

Everything you need to know about Roulette

Roulette is the most popular games in a casino. It is addictive and very much exciting and fun to play. Roulette refers to the game which is played using a small wheel which is used to spin and has a ball in it, which is the main point of the game wherein the player decides the number on the dice. The ball enters the market segment, which is slightly indented to allow the ball to slot into easily. It is a game which has a prediction ratio of 50-50, meaning it has all the odds and favours waiting for the player to reveal his set of odds or his prize money.

Play on Live Roulette

Live Roulette

This refers to the website where a live player is an opponent, as it makes the match more exciting and it even doesn’t give room for any fraud or malpractice. Moreover, there aren’t any computer gimmicks which might be preloaded to make some small adjustments and can pull in a favour to the computer. Fraud players are also a caution, any player with hesitance or suspicion must be avoided at all costs.

To make up for the losses, there are many strategies in this game:

Martingale Strategy

This was developed by a gambler called Martingale who has a distinguished history with Roulette. The basic idea logy is to double the bet if you lose your first bets. This goes on or has to be followed until the winning bet which may come or no, but the player is assured of winning at least a single bet in all the time of playing Roulette. This, in turn, gives up a sum of huge money in return during the winning bet(Must Watch). This might prove out to be fatal sometimes but is worth taking a shot at.

Reverse Martingale Strategy


This is the opposite of the Martingale strategy wherein the player has to bet on the second round by almost two times after winning a bet, this also has its drawbacks, but at least a bit safer than the previous one due to the leverage of the earned money in the round. This is mostly used by the newer and fresher players who are yet to learn the full-on tactics of Roulette.

D Alemberts Strategy

This is similar to the strategy given by Martingale wherein the lost bet is increased by once, or the winning bet is decreased by one. This might seem to be a loss, no gain strategy, but, it mostly works out for most of the people, who put their everything on gambling. It can also be referred to as a low-risk strategy. The person playing this has to keep in mind the amount of leverage he possesses on his side of the game.


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